How to Meditate

Meditation brings about wisdom; lack of meditation leaves ignorance.

Meditation is something every one of us needs today, but very few know the right way to do it.
Below is a Video that shows the exact way to Meditate and achieve inner peace, there by generating immense mental power.

Make it a part of your Life.

Foodaholics, don't store fat!!

Fast food culture and lack of hygienic food habits can lead to accumulation of fat in our body. If this is not properly taken care of, might lead to serious problems when you grow old.

Having read lot of articles related to ancient Indian Ayurveda, i came up with some amazing food habits that can completely change our physical personality and make us feel a lot lighter.
We just need to change a little of our daily lifestyle, especially daily diet intake and related habits.
Our Food can treat all our health problems.
1. Water-Therapy: Do not under-estimate this Water Therapy. The water we take daily not just helps in digesting the food we eat and eliminating wastes but as well maintains the P-H of our body.

Every morning when you wake up, drink 2-3 litres of warm water (not cold at least) before brushing your teeth. When ever you drink water, drink sip by sip in mouthfuls to make sure that the saliva that secretes all night gets into your body. This helps a great deal in food digestion and body regulation.

After you eat something, avoid cold drinks, drink something warm or hot drinks that will help in the digestion of fat food content, thereby avoiding fat accumulation.

2. Triphala:
Triphala is one of the most powerful medicines of ayurveda, a combination of three Amla, Bihara and Harada dry fruits. Helps in body cleansing and reducing cholesterol.

A small spoon full of Triphala churna is to be taken with milk or honey in the morning, half an hour before break fast.

You can actually get those dry fruits and prepare it yourself, to make sure the combination ratio if perfect and is freshly prepared. Amla, Bihara and Harada dry fruits in the ratio of 3:2:1 have to be churned to powder and stored in a glass bottle.

We can use Triphala continuously for 3 months, after which a gap of 15 days is recommended.

3. Salads: For fat loss, Gaajar (carrot), Kaddhu (pumpkin) and Apple salads are very effective, especially when taken in the morning. Make them a part of your regular diet as and when possible.

4. Sugars:
The sugars we take daily in various forms are not easily digestible and therefore add to our body fat. So instead of regular sugar intake, replace it with Jaggery (original one, dark color) and Honey in our daily foods.

5. Chocolates: Since most of us cant avoid chocolates, instead store some chocolates made of Til (sesame seeds/oil) and Jaggery at home. Chikki is one such. You can in fact eat them daily, will help in burning the excess fat.

Watch out on the foods that make you fat, go for alternatives. Read more here.

So, little change in your food habits, can make you feel lot more fit and fine, both on Body and Mind.You can read more on complete personality development here

Stay fit, work fine and keep dancing to the tunes of Life!! (:

Relationship Analysis

I personally do not believe much in horoscope kind of funda. But having read Chinese horoscopes and relationship analysis, I had to change my mind. I realize that its close to truth, as it is based on ancient Chinese astrological analysis.

You can check your relationship analysis and compatibility HERE

I felt good to read a lot good things about myself, for am a DOG.
Note: Discard the negative traits, ok? =)

Characteristics of a Dog

Loyal and protective, the Dog makes a great friend or family member and inspires the confidence of everyone around them. They have a strong sense of justice and duty. They aggressively defend their rights and are not afraid to speak up on behalf of others. The Dog is very protective of family and anything entrusted to their care. They're not that social but will sacrifice everything for family. The Dog is a natural pessimist and a worrier---many becoming quite cynical. They tend to be introverts who rarely show their feelings and usually hate crowds. Still, you want the honest, hard-working Dog on your team.

Positive Traits:

The honorable Dog is the sign most likely to speak out about wrongs in the world and to call for justice. You have a strong sense of fair play and are usually forthright and outspoken. This makes you the perfect spokesperson for those who cannot or would not speak up for themselves.

You are most likely a valued member of your family as well as your community. You tend to be very protective of family members and are likely to enjoy celebrating your country's independence day with your family. Loyalty and patriotism are near and dear to your heart. You respect the flag and are moved in your heart when the national anthem is played at a sporting event. Although you are outspoken, you are not one to rail against your country, and you are discreet and can be trusted to hold what we tell you in confidence.

This, plus your sincerity and kindness makes you a most desirable friend. In fact you are almost as concerned and protective of your friends as you are of your family. You are not a materialist but rather one who derives the most pleasure from love and family. Your concern extends to all humanity, and you are altruistic by nature. You prefer to use your material gains to help others.

Your other gentler qualities include the fact that you most often are slow to anger yet quick to recover. You are not one to nag and nitpick.

Rather, you tend to be in control of your emotions. You also have excellent powers of discernment. In other words, you choose your battles carefully. This makes you easy to get along with on a day to day basis and a valued team member at work.

Negative Traits:

The Dog is perhaps the most pessimistic sign in the Chinese zodiac. You have a tendency to look at what is wrong with things or at what you might be lacking. This causes you anxiety and makes you fret excessively, especially during those times when you do not think you are good enough for whatever. When you fail to solve the problems of the world you might become bitter and cynical. When it comes to individual people, you are usually slow to form judgments; however, there often is a narrow mindedness to your way of thinking. You tend to see things in black and white. And, when you make a judgment, you tenaciously cling to your ideas and rarely change your mind.

You are also rather thick skinned; however, you can be extremely suspicious or defensive when a family member or friend is potentially threatened or actually attacked either verbally or physically. Sometimes your anger flares up almost instantaneously and violently as your protective urge moves you to action. On the other hand, your reserved nature can actually be a negative in family matters. You tend to be subdued, not one given to continuous displays of affection. There may however be times when family members require more warmth than you provide.

There is one other way you can inadvertently hurt the people around you. Your sense of justice often causes you to make judgments about others and to criticize their actions or motivations. Furthermore, you sometimes rashly categorize people and put them into little boxes. Having done that, you are not beyond giving severe tongue lashings to those that fall in the wrong box or those in the right box when they step out of line by your reckoning. By nature you are not exactly a diplomatic critic---even when dealing with the ones you most love.

Qualities Admired: Loyalty, devotion to family.

Pet Peeves: Injustice, nosiness.

AND i am more than overwhelmed to read about the chinese sign RABBIT, Loved the Negative traits especially =P

Characteristics of a Rabbit

Pacifistic and refined, the Rabbit tends to have excellent taste, enjoys the finer things in life and loves to go first class. The Rabbit does its best to promote peace and harmony and to avoid conflict and unpleasantness whenever possible. They are discreet, easy-going and make for good company. On the downside, they can be snobbish and prone to gossip. Also, the Rabbit is the sign that finds it the hardest to pick itself up off the floor when knocked down by adversity. Although a social creature, the Rabbit enjoys the quiet life and tends to be conservative. Their comfort is very important to them, and they are likely to whine when it's disturbed.

Positive Traits:

Artistic, calm, diplomatic, gentle, kind, modest, peaceful, placid, refined, sensitive, suave and thoughtful.

Above all else the Rabbit is a peacemaker. You no doubt have excellent diplomatic skills and, while you do not like conflict, you are the first person your friends turn to when it is necessary to make peace among them. Your sense of calm and your modest, unassuming presence is just what is needed to smooth all those ruffled feathers.

You are also valued for your kindness. You are sensitive to the needs of people around you and thoughtfully do little things to make them happy. Your kindness extends to animals, and it is especially there where we see your gentle heart. You are a soft touch for almost every litter critter.

You likely have exquisite taste in both dress and the arts. Suave and style conscious you want to wear the latest fashions and are always appropriately dressed for the occasion. If you are not an artist yourself, you have an excellent appreciation of the arts and can be a good critic.

Negative Traits:

Conceited, detached, gossipy, manipulative, melancholic, moody, opportunistic, snobbish, superficial, sybaritic and timid.

The Rabbit's love of peace manifests itself in a somewhat negative way as a love of comfort. You generally avoid any kind of argument perhaps as much because it would disturb your peace of mind as because you are basically a timid soul and wither under criticism. You do, however, aggressively pursue your creature comforts and have a definite sybaritic streak. In other words, you like the comfort luxuries bring and find yourself right at home in the mall.

Perhaps it is a defense mechanism to protect your gentle heart, but for whatever reason, you are usually somewhat detached. At times the world can be too harsh and intimidating for a person as gentle as you. You can be moody, which might help explain your tendency to become melancholic. It is hard to know your motivation for these as you can be very secret about your personal life. That does not, however, stop you from talking about ours.

In spite of your occasional physical and emotional withdrawal from the world, you actually crave the company of people and are quite adept at social relations being the diplomat you are. Unfortunately for the rest of us, you can be manipulative, and you are good at it. Your motives however are not evil. Usually you are just trying to get us to do something you find too unpleasant to handle yourself or to simply buy something for you, preferably clothes or dinner at an elegant restaurant. You are ever the opportunist.

Qualities Admired: Gentleness, calmness of soul.

Pet Peeves: Argumentativeness and anything else that disturbs their peace.

Needless to say A DOG and A RABBIT can always be great friends!!

Raksha bandhan - My Sisters...

All Indians are my brothers and sisters
this is something we have grown up swearing everyday, right from our school days. But we seldom treat them that way. The true Indian spirit of respecting women and the feeling of brotherhood terribly lack these days.

Raksha bandhan is one such festival that we Indians celebrate to incorporate these feelings. Rakhi is a symbol of brotherhood and love that bonds a lovely relationship between a brother and sister. Its a tender and unconditional relationship that brings about happiness in its best possible form.
And when it comes to relationships, it need not necessarily be a blood relation, any two people can enjoy the charisma of this wonderful relationship.

A sister i believe, is next to our mother who happens to be a great friend as well.

Lucky am i that God gifted me with 3 sisters, two elder and one younger; and that i have been brought up as a lovely lad. As everyone has, we all had a wonderful childhood together and I still remember the days of my engineering when one sister used to dress me up and another used to feed me, just like a kid. (= But I always used to dominate them, fight with them and trouble them in all possible ways and they in fact used to love me for all that. The time we spent together is something i shall cherish through out my life.

But things change with time; now that 2 of them are are married and i am messed up with my own life, i hardly get a chance to spend quality time with them. But luckily, they are blessed with lovely kids who in turn are a part of our extended family now. I can recall instances when i fall sick and i get a call from those li'l chaps, hardly 5 year old, asking all about my well being. Another 2 year old niece, as and when she comes here, tries to avoid me intentionally until i take her into my hands and she starts kissing me. =)

Doesnt that sound great? Isnt this the true essence of life? Can Life get bigger than this??

All these small but wonderful things are simply priceless and am sure No material pleasure shall match it!!

But the fact remains that, messed up with our own life, most of us tend to forget our sisters to such an extent that we hardly bother about their well being. We don't even have time to spare them a phone call. And now Rakhi just becomes a band on hand and a gift in return. The sacred bandhan (bond) almost vanishes.

How could we do that?? How can we forget all those childhood memories?? How can we forget someone who has been a part of our early life; a part of our own blood; a part of our life in fact, who contributed to what we are now. How can we??

Rakhsha bandhan that we celebrate everyear, is not just a ritual of hand bands and gifts in return, it infact is a responsibility, a protection and support that we owe towards our sisters. Its not only about enjoying great times together, its also about supporting each other in hard times.

I personally, have to confess that i might as well be neglecting my sisters to a certain extent; because of my own personal reasons. But Yes, i honestly believe that i will do the needful and shall give them due care and attention.

I know, i don't have to gift them with lavish materialistic pleasures, i just need to be with them, all along to make sure that they lead a happy and prosperous life with their entire family.

May god bless my sisters and all the sisters of the world, with Everlasting Health and Happiness! 3 Cheers to the Love, care and concern that we share with our best friend of our family- Our Lovely Sister.

P:S I did NOT forget to tell about my Li'l sister, thing is...we had a petty fight recently, and we dont talk. =) No regrets, I ll keep on fighting with her until she gets married and then, may be i ll get someone else to fight with...A 'Princess' perhaps! (=

How well can you manage Your-'self'?

You may be very much fit and strong physically, but what matters more is the indomitable Mental Will power and the emotional intelligence that paves the path of success in every endeavor that you take up in your daily life.

Man is an emotional being and its human tendency to loose his cool whenever something wrong happens around him. This generally happens because of the excessive demands around him, be it personal, financial or on social front.

Ideally “Whatever the Mind believes and perceives, the Body should achieve.” , but this is only possible when you build up a Very strong Personality.

Not an impossible task, here's a complete personal management guide that will develop a strong personality within yourself to create your own Happy and Glorious dream Life.

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A Small Love Tale...

Once upon a time there was an island,
Where all the feelings lived together.
there was a storm in the sea one day,
and the island was about to get drowned.
every feeling was scared but not love.
love made a boat to escape.
every feeling boarded in the boat,
only one feeling was left.
love got down to see who was it
it was ego...
love tried and tried but ego wasn't moving,
also the water was rising
every one asked love to leave him and come into the boat,
but love was made to love.
all the feelings escaped and the storm took over island, at last...
love dies with ego on the island.

Moral: Love dies because of Ego!

Source: Unknown.

Good Life

A good happy life is what we all look and work for. Below are few basics which all of us need to follow by to achieve a good happy life and healthy atmosphere.

---> Try to avoid your pride.

---> Always Consider others' Point of View.

---> Apologize whenever you are wrong.

---> Do Accept Changes and work for the betterment.

Most of us miss out on Lifes Big Prizes...The Nobel, the Oscar, the Grammys...But we r all eligible for Lifes small a hug from a best friend, a short sleep on Moms shoulder, a Full Moon, a Glorious Sunset, a chat wid 1 v like a lot, a delicious meal, a gud joke, an ice cream, a shower of rain, a silent night on da terrace, a slow walk on empty road wid da person u love most.

So dont worry about missing Lifes grand rewards, Enjoy the Tiny Delights. \m/


Birthday is a special day for each one of us. We love to celebrate our birthday with family and/or friends to make it memorable.

Birthday invitations, birthday decorations, birthday present, birthday surprise, gifts, greetings, greeting cards, lots of messages, wish gifts all of these make up an auspicious birthday.

But don' t you think You should Live everyday like its your Birthday?

Great Quotes

  • There is no need 4 temples, no need 4 complicated philosophies. My brain and my heart are my temples; my philosophy is kindness.~ Dalai Lama
  • Common-sense in an uncommon degree is what the world calls Wisdom !
  • Ability is what you're capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it.
  • If you want things to be different, perhaps the answer is to become different yourself~Norman Vincent.
  • If you don't like something change it; if U can't change it, change the way U think about it." ~ Mary Engelbrelt
  • If you Cant,You Must. If You Must, You Can !
  • Do just once wat others say u cant do, and u will never pay attention to their limitations again. ~ T.S